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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 5, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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attention. thufrs a truck was hit. >> there is a big difference in what cal trans trance is saying about leaks on the bay bridge and what an expert is telling abc7 news. caltrans says they insist the bridge is safe. nick smith is live with that story. nick? caltrans says they were able to trace leaks into the bridge but they aren't sure whether or not there are long term affects. caltrans says no. >> water is dripping inside. >> where they draw the line, however is at the suggestion leaks are anything more than an expected maintenance issue going
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further saying idea that they pose a immediate problem is wrong. >> that two are competent. there is no risk to drivers or the integrity of the bridge. >> gordon says new tests have helped identify hundreds of leaks in the guard raltss. the next step is gauging short and long term damage and finding a way to fix those leaks. >> we haven't reached a final conclusion yet and what ultimate solution is going to be. >> our cameras found water pooling below the bridge. >> i don't want to sound alarmist. it's not inconsequence yil issue. >> this engineer says pooling
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water raises red flags >> you get pitting sou don't know how much you've lost. >> caltrans expected a certain amount of leakage. it's a bridge designed to be water resistant not watertight. >> would you build a ship that way? >> it's a test to determine how water is getting in. what the solution should be. >> mtv says the list will not be made public for a week. >> and rain we've talked about just north looking towards nef vat yes. sandhya patel is here to tell us when this is going to happen. >> we'll see rain coming in tonight. now i've put the umbrella down.
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it's mild here on the roof. we have cloud cover. we're getting very light rain in the north bay. there are some lightning strikes in northern california. rainfall totals trace to a quarter inch. so we're not expecting a lot of rain but it's much needed so we'll take anything we can get we'll be back at when the next storm is coming in later on this week. >> thank you very much. >> california drought was a big topic today for the israeli prime minister who visited the bay area to sign a agreement
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with governor brown. the memorandum emphasizes a joint interest in water conservation and cyber security. >> solar bio fuels and others we're doing that. cyber we'll need to protect privacy of individuals. you don't want your user account to be pilfered or stolen. >> well an oakland businessman found guilty of economic espionage. saying he stole a recipe for a chemical use to whiten products in cars to the middle of oreo cookies.
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prosecutors say lu paid $20 million for the recipe. the lu could face 15 years in prison. >> negligence, neglect are the claims against san francisco general hospital and sure's department for the death of a woman nouned a hospital stair wem. the claim reveelz a doctor ordered a 24-7 watch nor woman because she was disoriented and states the head nurse didn't know spalding was missing until hearing bit on the news. the family friend says a few changes have been made >> the only thing lynn spalding's family and friends have seen is reassignment of a couple sheriff deputies lynn spalding's children can't be reassigned their mother. >> this claim of first step towards a lawsuit does not indicate amount for damages investigators found both hospital and sheriff's department at fault for
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spalding's death. neither is commenting in this action. >> vallejo police are relying on a security feature that snaps a picture of whomever first opens a computer reported stolen. now, in this case, the lap tops taken from a car in vallejo on saturday they were for an after school program. if you recognize these people, please contact the vallejo police department. >> it's been a year since san francisco introduced a special court to deal with vet transcommitting minor offenses. idea is to offer treatment instead of jail. leanne? >> well, you know folks in san francisco heard about vet court in san jose. they took a look and liked what they saw. and is now here to stay.
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it's wednesday afternoon. veterans stand behind judge braiden wootds. >> using drugs, drinking alcohol. my life just got unmanageable. committing crimes. >> others may be here for other offenses but this is not like your traditional courtroom. >> we're trying to get folks into treatment. so we're just trying to get them services they need. >> instead of going to jail they come here, enroll to get help with problems like drug addiction alcoholism, or mental illnesses. some have to check in with case managers and the court three
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times per week. vet court follows the same motto. >> it's supportive court. they clap for your success. >> steven bennett enrolled in the program. he still has to report to court. he has managed to turn his life around. >> i accepted it. i knew i had to move on. and learn to being a constructive sittin in society. >> fellow students are shocked. >> it was bad because it -- they were little kids. >> coming up, what some third graders are doing when caught red handed. >> you know it's bad when a company president criticizes his
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own test the essay you agonized over just one of many changes coming to the exam. and it's newts in the berkeley hills. wiggler was a warning about wet weather. [dad] [laughs] [boy] mom! [mom] yes? [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom and dad] [laughing] [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom] you've got two left feet,boo.
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big changes coming for students waiting to go to college. the college board said exams do not focus enough on important academic skills. redesigned tests will eliminate obscure words and a
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controversial section for essays will be optional. scoring returns to the old 1600 scale. and college board says it will provide free test preparation. >> we're going to tell everyone what is on the exam. it's hard to pay for them. >> in addition there will be new programs to help low income students. >> listen to this. some parents say this is a big wake up call. third graders caught smoking pot at school. another student reported 28-year-olds and a 9-year-old child smoking pot last week. >> it was bad
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they were little kids. it shouldn't have happened. >> police questioned the students the district did s.not commenting. it's not known what action was taken. >> some consumer news, what did general motors know about the ignition switch? when did they know it? >> regulators dree manning gm turn over the documents due to that switch. gm says it didn't issue the recall until last month. national transportation safety board could fine gm $35 million if it concludes it withheld
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information or delayed a recall. >> in miami a lawsuit filed by three dozen passengers who were stland stranded on a cruise ship last year. the passengers charge they continue to suffer medical problems carnival saying there is no direct connection. this is the first of ten lawsuits stemming from that incident. president obama wants to know if there is a alternative to a penny and nickel. mr. obama called for studies into possibly making coins with cheaper material and wants to know how often they're used and if there is a better way. perhaps they can just give us a
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dime. >> yes. >> i like the way you think. >> yes. >> well a little boy we've come to know as bat kid almost had another caper. abc7 news obtained these pictures of miles and his family. the family told abc7 news he was anxious to wear a tuxedo on stage. he stole hearts of everyone in november after make a wish granted his wish and the family didn't know what miles is going to do but that he would westbound other actors. abc7 news confirmed miles did go to rehearsals but between saturday rehearsals and sunday
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evening this was cut. the family went to disneyland instead. abc news has not issued a statement. >> too bad. >> yes. >> they had fun at disneyland. >> yes >> drought is on the minds of many finding an animal mating ritual is underway but the future of those mating is in question. if you know berkeley hills and why the county closes it. and the answer. in this drought here, just off the road a person is more likely to finderant golf shots than
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newts. >> if it's a crisis here is the man to ask. >> to get to the pond. >> what is in the pond? >> water. a place to breathe. >> as it turns out there is a pond but newts? >> there is one. >> newts are still hard to find due to drought. >> it's prevented them from starting to breed. and to feed and breed. >> this newt is one of a few arrivals that should have thousands. you might find the male grappling a female. >> what we're looking at is newt foreplay. scientists have another way of describing it. >> ham plexis.
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>> within days she leaves behind a fertilized egg sac. the two mated newts live happily. separately. >> this is a pick up bar. >> a practice encouraged by the closing of a road which at this time without a drought would be helping to prevent massive newt genocide. >> if rains come now it will extend newt season. it probably should be closed until the newts are done. >> the east bay regional parks say leaving the gate closed coulding an option so carry on, determined newts. no worries, yet. >> you go, newts. >> those are cool pictures there. >> sandhya patel is on the roof. >> yes. looking for more rains. >> there are clouds around.
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nothing is falling anymore. more sprinkles earlier. we're going to see more rain so here it comes. where we're seeing rain now. we're seeing moisture up to our north. light rain in ben yet valley road it seems about 12/100ths on mount st. helena. here you go. rain drops on the lens. temperatures feel good here. 64 in san francisco. 57 half moon bay.
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67 oakland. san jose, still dry. clouds stacking 66 in san raf yes. 68 in livermore. a threatening sky lurking from our camera. they're expecting a couple inches of snow. tomorrow, mainly in the morning spring like warmth friday and saturday here is the set up. it's not terribly organized but there is moisture moving in. getting moderate rain and rain shifts out by 9:00 p.m . we're seeing south bay and east bay getting wet tonight. 5:00 a.m tomorrow, still slick spots. watch out. then showers are
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here is a computer animation that looks like it's going to be a light week system. so we'll take anything now. it may be slow going due to overnight rain. low to mid-50s and sprinkles are coming in. low to upper 60s taking a look at the accu-weather forecast, nothing but sunshine, milder weather friday, saturday, into low 70s. sunday morning going to daylight savings time and a chance of rain in the north bay. temperatures into mid-70s range. i planned think the way.
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i'm sandhya patel. dan? cheryl? >> good timing. thank you. >> just ahead what prompted a congressional hearing to descend into a brawl. >> well how much sugar should we consume is in the un out with numbers. >> then, at 6:00 how a legendary member of the grateful dead is unlocking mysteries of the mind with video games. that is at 6:00. rld nner's not my strong suit. we get to the end of the day and i am toast. in fact, we've had toast for dinner. but tonight i nailed it. kfc family feast. 9 pieces any recipe, 3 large sides, 6 biscuits, $19.99.
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a former san francisco city official is headed to jail on felony child pornography charges. he he will serve six months of home detention and must register as a sex offender. before his arrest, when
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authorities found photos of children being molested on his america online account. facebook agreed to delete posts from users selling illegal guns. this after pressure from gun control advocates. it will also apply it to insta gram >> tempers flared on the irs scandal today. accusing them of singling out tea party groups for extra tax scrutiny. when the committee chair tried to adjourn the meeting ranking democrat said he was not finished. >> therefore, we -- >> but you cannot do this. >> i have asked for a few minutes... >> you're free to leave but the
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gentleman may ask a question. >> the at that point, cummings had had it. >> i am tired of this. >> issa not saying whether he will move to hold him in contempt. >> the united nations says sugar should be less than 5% of a daily diet. that is six teaspoons. average americans consumes about 16%. a tablespoon of ketchup often contains sugar and there is growing evidence it contributes to lot of chronic diseases. >> coming up, drag and drift. >> from motorcycle to mustangs drag racing tonight in the sonoma raceway. >> we're going to take you there live, next.
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so i was basically uninsurable. now that i've got coverage, my doctor is a phone call or an e-mail away. i'm in. [ female announcer ] everyone deserves health insurance. are you in? visit and get covered today. coming up at 6:00 judgment day for a father and son team involved in the largest investment fraud case in california history. and a bay area man pays cash for a new tv and winds up in handcuffs. michael finney is here to help. >> happening now, a lot of excitement at sonoma raceway. >> this is opening day for the popular drags and drifts event. >> that looks like fun.
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>> that includes everybody from high school students and the raceway says it gifts drivers a place to drag race that is safe and controlled. >> and of course on the rain slickened pavement there, still trying to find a road. >> thanks for joining us i'm cheryl jennings. >> from -- nice move, sandhya and all of us
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welcome to "world news." tonight, big change in an american rite of passage. that high school test so many take, hoping to get into college, the s.a.t.s. are they fair? well, tonight, a decision to give more kids of all backgrounds a chance. on the brink. the urgent talks to pull vladimir putin and russia back from the razor's edge. to the rescue. the incredible video of a car full of children heading into the pounding surf. and the strangers who pulled them from the waves in the nick of time. and "real money." remember ellen's star-studded selfie? well, tonight, how you can get paid hundreds of dollars for the pictures on your phone. and a good evening to yo